Marble Elephant - Set of 2
Marble Elephant - Set of 2
Marble Elephant - Set of 2

Marble Elephant - Set of 2

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The elephant is a symbol of protection, strength, fertility, wisdom, intelligence and good luck. marble elephant statue can be used for home or office decoration and as a gift. Display a pair of elephants indoors, besides your main entrance, facing inside- this will create a flow of good luck into your home. place it in the southwest to enhance the strength of an earth element.

Elephants pair displayed in the bedroom promotes love and faithfulness between two people. Couples that want to have a child should place a pair of an elephant in their bedroom, as a symbol of fertility. display a pair of elephants in a distinguished spot on your desk in your office, facing outwards. this is believed to provide you with fortification from your opponents, as well as induce victory.

Placing a pair of an elephant in the north sector promotes career stability. excellent for gifting on auspicious occasions like house warming.

This beautiful elephant is perfectly handcrafted in marble and amazing meenakari art is performed on these idols by skilled artists and craftsmen.


  • Material: Marble 
  • Color: White (Gold painted)
  • Art- Jaipur Meenakari Art
  • Weight: 250gm
  • Purely Handcrafted Items
  • It is easily cleanable by wet/dry cotton cloth. Washable- wash gently, don't scrub. Polish with great shining
  • Deliver in 5-6 Business days

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