Rajasthani Handcrafted Blue Pottery Tilli Ganesh
Rajasthani Handcrafted Blue Pottery Tilli Ganesh

Rajasthani Handcrafted Blue Pottery Tilli Ganesh

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Blue pottery art is basically originated from Turkey and Persia but now it’s very well known and recognized art from Jaipur the Pink City of Rajasthan.

This art has got Blue Pottery name because of Cobalt Blue dye used to color the pottery items. It is one of many Eurasian types of blue and white pottery, and related in the shapes and decoration to Islamic pottery and, more distantly, Chinese pottery. It is relatively unusual as a type of quality or luxury Indian pottery, most Indian types being functional and though often highly decorated, relatively low prestige wares.

Today, blue pottery is an industry that provides livelihood to many people in Jaipur. The traditional designs have been adopted, and now, apart from the usual urns, jars, pots and vases, you can find tea sets, cups and saucers, plates and glasses, jugs, ashtrays, decorative wall plates, wall hangers, bells, and napkin rings.

Give your dull wall space an instant face-lift, with this beautiful hand-painted decorative blue pottery Tilli Ganesh. Although it is a classic wall decor, these beautiful Tilli Ganesh may also be used as gifting option.

This product has been handcrafted by skilled artisans. The visible brush strokes and neat free-hand curves are the artistic expressions of our craftsmen, which cannot be reproduced in digital print. Color shades, pattern and polish may vary slightly around the surface, since the painting is done free-style.


  • Color- Multicolor
  • Material- Quartz
  • Art- Blue Pottery
  • Weight- 150gm
  • Dimensions- 3x 3 Inch
  • Deliver in 5-6 business days

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