About Us

Welcome to Craftpitora!! A one - stop - shop for all Indian hand-crafted products.

Craftpitora is an honest attempt at showcasing the brilliance of the master craftsmen and artisans of India. As a nation India has forever been synonymous with unity in diversity and what better way to portray this than give credence to its people for weaving a social fabric so culturally rich, ethnically diverse and economically viable that we felt compelled to bring these unique hand crafted products from every corner of the country to one common platform – Craftpitora .

At Craftpitora we believe that democratizing the art and craft industry would empower people and communities and enable them to earn their livelihood. Handicraft industries are concentrated in the rural and semi urban parts of the country and contribute to the overall economic development of the underprivileged and marginalized sections of society.

What sets us apart from our competitors is that we are singularly focused on handicrafts which is more than a $6 billion dollar industry. Indian handicrafts are much loved and widely admired all over the world. It is imperative that we put in an effort to preserve our rich heritage and culture and ensure that the art and craft industry continues to thrive.

The products that we source are steeped in culture and heritage with a contemporary twist. Handicrafts are a celebration of our identity.  At Craftpitora you are guaranteed to join in the celebration. THINK Indian, Buy Indian! Together let’s celebrate the beauty that is India, and marvel at the finesse of its master craftsmen!                           

What you can buy at Craftpitora?

Well you can indulge in a wide range of products from home décor to apparel, toys, religiously symbolic figurines, accessories, lamps, jewellery, mosaic art, blue pottery, wooden decorative items and much more. So, come and embark on an exploratory journey of handicrafts spanning the length and breadth of our country.

Craftpitora strives to bring to you the most exquisite pieces that often boast of unsurpassed skill and workmanship and that are meticulously handpicked and packaged for your benefit. This ensures that the products you buy from us have an edge over those that are mass manufactured.


Prashant Jain who is the brain behind CraftPitora is an engineer by profession. hailing from Jaipur he has had the opportunity of observing skilled craftsmen and their craft throughout his growing years.

Prashant has interacted with award winning artists and craftsmen and it is his constant endeavour to bring them to the fore and provide them with an opportunity of a global marketplace where they can engage in fair trade. Kudos to Prashant for this effort!

Joining him in this venture as co-founders are 2 of his friends Nikita Pareek and Pritee Parmar from Rajasthan.

While Pritee belongs to an engineering background, Nikita is a qualified Chartered accountant.

Pritee with a keen eye for detail is instrumental in sourcing and selecting only the best products, thereby ensuring superior product quality.

Nikita with her fine aesthetic sense provides inputs for product categories and is also responsible for client engagement activity.

With this talented trio behind Craftpitora, you are sure to enjoy your shopping experience. So what are you waiting for? Come and savour the experience!