Uttar Pradesh – A Land Of Amazing Craftwork

Uttar Pradesh is a land of beautiful culture, tradition, religious places and amazing people who live their life to the fullest. Uttar Pradesh is one of the largest states of India and highly populated. Uttar Pradesh has many famous cities like Lucknow, Ayodhya, Mathura, Varanasi, Kashi, Kanpur, Jhansi, Muradabad and many more. This is holy land for Hindus where holy river Ganga flows and its birth of Lord Ram and Lord Krishna. Lord Rama birthplace is Ayodhya and Lord Krishna birthplace is Mathura but along with these cities Kashi, Banaras, Varanasi are also considered very holy places for Hindus.

Along with many traditional and cultural values of Uttar Pradesh, this state offers some amazing Indian handcrafts as well. Each and every city of Uttar Pradesh has some unique craft to offer which are exported to different cities of India and have huge demand in International market as well.

Top Crafts from Uttar Pradesh:

Chikankari Artwork:

Lucknow, the capital city of Uttar Pradesh is famous for it’s historical structure, amazing layout of the city, people and nawabi culture. People in this city are very welcoming, caring and loving. This city has many craftworks to offer and one fo the famous one is the Chikan Artwork on dress materials. Chikan work basically means the embroidery done on clothes.

Chikankari Art

Chickan art form is known to be introduced by Mughals. The simple and precise, yet intricate hand stitch gives a classy feel to the garment. There are several interesting stories related to the origin of the embroidery.

Handcrafted Carpets:

Handcrafted Carpets or Rugs are another famous craft work from Uttar Pradesh. Cities like Mirapur,  Shahajahanpur, Bhadohi are famous for manufacturing beautiful designer carpets. Carpets can be produced on a loom quite similarly to woven fabric, made using needle felts, knotted by hand (in oriental rugs), made with their pile injected into a backing material (called tufting), flatwoven, made by hooking wool or cotton through the meshes of a sturdy fabric, or embroidered.

Handcrafted Carpets

Marble Craft:

Agra, one of the biggest cities in Uttar Pradesh is famous for the Taj mahal. Everyday thousands of national or international tourists come to visit this beautiful craft of architecture. Taj Mahal is one of the eight wonders of world. 

Taj Mahal is made of beautiful stone marble. Along with the beauty of Taj Mahal, Agra also offers amazing marble craft work to it’s tourists. Different style, shapes and size of marble craft can be found throughout the Agra.

Marble Handicraft

Glass Craft:

Muradabad, Firozabad, Varanasi are famous for the designer glass work done in these cities. These cities are hub for the Moroccan Lanterns, Lamps, Mosaic Art, Chandeliers, Glass Home Décor Craft and many others.

Glass Craft

 Ceramic Craft:

Uttar Pradesh is one of the biggest exporters of Ceramic products in India. Khurja is hub for all type for ceramic craft work like cups, tea pots, coasters, designer flowerpots, sculptures and many more. There are many big and small-scale industries setup who manyfacture ceramic products and distribute throughout India and export outside India as well.

Ceramic Craft

Silver Sculptures:

Lucknow and Hathras are two famous cities for the silver sculpture artwork. Craftsman in these two cities turn the silver into various religious idols, animal figures, home décor collection, kitchenware and many other designer pieces.

Silver Sculpture

Bronze sculptures:

Mathura, the birthplace of Lord Krishna is quite famous for it’s traditional and cultural atmosphere. Along with having a religious identity, Mathura is also famous for it’s beautiful Bronze craft work. Experienced craftsmen turn bronze into beautiful home décor collection, which is exported within India as well as outside India as well.

Bronze Sculpture

Jamdani Weave:

Jamdani is a fine muslin textile produced for centuries in South Rupshi of Narayanganj district in Bangladesh on the bank of Shitalakhwa river. The historic production of jamdani was patronized by imperial warrants of the Mughal emperors.

In Uttar Pradesh, Faizabad is famous for the beautiful Jamdani Weave work done on the sarees and other dress materials.

Jamdani Craft

Brass Products:

Moradabad and Etawah are the well-known cities for their beautiful brass work. There are many industries which manufacturer brass products like musical instruments, home décor products, automobile parts, hardware, technical instruments, plumbing products and many others.

Brass Craft

Overall Uttar Pradesh is a land of various craft work which is one of the major contributors in Indian economy.

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