Top 5 Ideas For Budget Friendly Home Décor

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Top 5 Home Decor Ideas


Having a well decorated home with some beautiful, unique and antique collection is what everyone wish for. But the idea of having a unique and desired interior of the home comes with an ask for a huge investment. The money and effort involved in the desired idea of Home Décor can be very overwhelming. Best way to decorate home within the budget limit and not putting too much effort on that can be Handcrafted Home Décor collection. Good quality Home Decorative Items can be the best solutions for every interior requirement and can be very cost effective.


Craftpitora Brings some amazing ideas for cost effective Home Decorative collection.


  1. Blue Pottery Wall Décor Plates

Blue Pottery is one of the premium art from India. Jaipur the pink city from Rajasthan is one of the best place to find high quality and genuine Blue Pottery items. The word “Blue Pottery” comes from the beautiful cobalt blue color used for dying the beautiful craft pieces. In older days Blue Pottery was one of the main part of Interiors for Big Palaces, Luxury Houses and Hotels. Even today in most of the heritage hotels in Rajasthan, Blue Pottery decorative collection can be found as one of the main interior elements.


Blue Pottery Wall Decorative Plates

Blue Pottery Wall decorative plates are one of the unique, royal and very beautiful option to decorate the walls of your home. These wall décor plates are crafted with quartz and clay mixture, heated at right temperature to provide strength, hand painted with beautiful designs and then again dried up under sunlight to make color stable and shine.


  1. Metal Wall Décor


When we plan to decorate our home, we plan to decorate it by new furniture, some new lights, wall décor, ceiling décor, door or windows décor, kitchen décor or other things. One of the important part we always look for is to decorate walls of our home, which gives a beautiful and unique touch to our home.

Metal Wall Decorative Items

Metal decorative items can be the perfect solutions for decorating walls of our homes. We can decorate homes with some beautiful key hangers, metal wall decorative, clocks, decorative pieces and many others.


  1. Wall Paintings

Paintings are one of the best way to add vibrant colors and designs to walls of our homes. Painters put lots of feelings and thoughts on canvas and give beautiful touch with amazing colors in that. 

We can always find many paintings options to decorate walls of our home, matching to colors, style of our home or can choose the paintings which showcase our emotions or believe.


Wall Decorative Frames

People with deep pockets prefer to decorate their homes with some beautiful artistic work from some renowned artists across the world but for those who look for some budget friendly option, Digital Print Wall Frames can be an amazing choice as they come with great designs, beautiful colors and long durability.

  1. Idols and Figurines

Having some beautiful idols and figurines can be another way to decorate home. Idols made of Marble, Polyresin, Wood are among the best choices for home décor. Most of the people prefer Ganesha Idols, Krishna Idols, Shiva Idols, Buddha Idols to place at their home, office, garden. Idols and figurines are one of the best gifting options as well for almost every occasion. Some of the best decorative options are the idols and figurine throughout the world. We can find many options of different price range in this category as well.

Idols & Figurines

  1. Lamps, Lanterns And Candle Holders

Having beautiful lights around brings smile, confidence and happiness one everyone faces. Decorating home with some amazing lanterns, lamp shades can be another option for home décor lovers. Many restaurants, resorts and big hotels use beautiful light decoration to make their atmosphere more beautiful, bright and shinning which gives a happy feeling to their  customers.

Lamps And Lanterns

At home we can also use Moroccan Lanterns to give home décor a beautiful royal touch. These lanterns come in various designs and sizes with various color shades which can easy to choose as per the other interior of the home.


So start decorating home with some unique and beautiful handcrafted collection from #craftpitora.


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