Top 10 Indian Cities For Handicrafts

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Indian Handicraft

India is a beautiful land with high mountain ranges, beautiful seas, large rivers floating throughout the nation, acres and acres of forests, deserts, farmlands and many more. Along with these, there are various languages, religions, castes, traditions, cultures, festivals, and colors but despite of these diversities, India is a united nation and very well signifies “Unity in Diversity”.

Indian Handicrafts

Among all these diversities, India also has diverse range of Art and Crafts available from North to South and East to West. Indian handicrafts are not only in huge demand within India for Home Décor but has huge demand and appreciation outside India as well.


From Where to Buy Indian Handicraft?

­­­­­India is a very rich nation in terms of arts and crafts and every Indian state offers a different kind of art and craft. There are various craft forms like wooden craft, metal craft, stone craft, marble craft, bamboo craft, handcrafted textiles, leather craft, jute craft, shell craft, brass craft, clay craft, sandalwood craft and many more. These crafts are spread across the Indian States and every state has it’s own crafts manufacturing and supply system through which they do supply to other cities of India or export to other nations.

Indian Handicraft

So which are the top cities for Indian Handicraft?

Although each state and has it’s own unique craft but some Indian cities have created a different name worldwide for the quality, verities and colorful Handicrafts they offer. There are many families who have been following their traditional craft making business and have taken it to a new high. With a boom in Internet, now the crafts from one state or city is available and reachable to each and everyone.


Here are Top 10 Indian Cities famous for their Handicrafts


  1. Jodhpur - Rajasthan

Jodhpur , also know as the “Blue City” from Rajasthan is a very traditional and culturally rich city. This City has beautiful Forts and showcase the rich cultural of Rajput’s. This city has become one of the important contributor in Indian handicraft industry and exports millions of Dollars worth of handicraft annually to different nations.

Jodhpur Handicraft

Famous crafts from Jodhpur are wooden craft and handcrafted furniture with a glimpse of royal heritage are loved throughout the world. There is a huge demand of these furniture with in India as well as in different parts of the world. Along with Wooden Craft, Jodhpur is also famous for it’s Iron Craft, Metal Craft, Leather Craft, Bone Craft and many others.

  1. Jaipur - Rajasthan

Jaipur, another famous city from Rajasthan and also known as “Pink City” is famous for amazing handcrafted work as well. Jaipur is hub for many handicraft industries which includes Blue Pottery, Jaipur Blankets, handprinted dress materials, footwears, bedsheets, wooden craft, polyresin craft, marble craft and many more.


Jaipur Handicraft

As Jaipur is one of the best tourist destinations to experience amazing forts, historical buildings, traditional markets, this attracts millions of tourists to this city every year. Tourists always carry back a beautiful handcrafted piece of art work as memory with them.

  1. Jammu & Kashmir

Jammu & Kashmir , well known as the “Heaven On Earth”  is one of the beautiful destinations to visit in India. Jammu & Kashmir has beautiful mountains, amazing weather, vast rivers and beautiful people.

Jammu Craft

Beside natural beauty of Jammu Kashmir, the handcrafted products available here are also very famous. Famous Handcrafted products of these cities are Kashmiri carpets, Kashmiri Shawls, Wood Carving, Chain Stitch - Natively known as "Jalakdozi" which means stitching of Rugs, Crewel - A special kind of embroidery done with a hook known as crewel, Basohli Paintings and many others.

  1. Madhubani town, Jitwarpur village and Ranti village in Madhubani District of Bihar

Bihar was known as Magadha in ancient times. It was a center of power, learning and culture. The Maurya empire as well as one of the world's greatest pacifist religions, Buddhism, arose from Magadha. Bihar is well know for it’s rich cultural heritage, various monasteries and monuments belonging to different religions.

Madhubani paintings

Bihar is also know for it’s amazing craft work which Includes Madhubani Paintings, Rock Paintings, Wooden Work, Wood Carvings, Pottery Work, Bamboo Work, Sikki Work, Brass Works and others.

Madhubani Paintings are world famous for the detailed work done on the cloth or canvas. This painting is done with a variety of tools, including fingers, twigs, brushes, nib-pens, and matchsticks and using natural dyes and pigments. It is characterized by its eye-catching geometrical patterns.

  1. Jamnagar – Gujarat

Jamnagar is famous for it’s tie-dye style of dress materials as well as the hand block printing and embroidery work done on clothes.

Tie-dye style on cloths is known as Bandhej or Bandhani in which small knots are tied on cloths and dipped in different colors to give it amazing colorful touch.

In Hand Block printing work, a pattern I engraved on wooden block, dipped into different colors then that is very carefully printed on clothes to give it a beautiful touch.

Jamnagar Handicraft

Embroidery work from Jamnagar turns out to be the top on the shopping list of every tourist. Embroidery designs in Gujarat are as diverse as the religions followed and languages spoken in the state. The unique combination of pattern, stitches, thread, shapes and color makes one embroidery looks apart from the other.

  1. Surat – Gujarat

Surat is one of the beautiful cities in Gujarat. It’s located near Tapi river. Surat was once known for silk weaving, it still is one of the hub for textile industry in India. Surat is also one of largest producer of Gems and almost 80% - 90% of diamonds of the world are polished in this city.

Surat Craft

Famous handicrafts of Surat are Bandhej, Toran, Patola, Deesa, needle work, bead work, jewellery, furnishing, pottery and many others.

  1. Lucknow – Utter Pradesh

Lucknow , well known as “City of Nawabs” due to it’s rich history of Nawab culture in the past. It’s a beautiful city with many beautiful monuments. Lucknow city has many beautiful handicraft items to offer that every tourist be it domestic or international, can’t resist taking many souvenir back with them.

Lucknow Handicraft

Some of the famous crafts from Lucknow are Lucknow Chikan work on  dress materials, zardozi work, meenakari, zar buland work, perfumes and many more.

  1. Kolkata or Calcutta – West Bengal

Kolkata or previously known as Calcutta is well known for it’s colonial architecture, cultural, music, love for football, art, movies and beautifully handcrafted products. Bengali sweets specially Rasgulla is famous sweet dish to go for. Other then Rasgulla, Bengali sweets are quite famous and exported throughout the world.

Kolkata Handicraft

In terms of handicrafts, Kolkata is famous for Terracotta Craft, Clay Dolls, Copper Craft, Dokra (Metal Casting) Craft, Coconut Shell products and many others.

  1. Mysore – Karnataka

Mysore is a historical city of Karnataka which is famously known for it’s Tipu Sultan Palace which is a beautiful blend of Hindu, Muslim, Gothic and Rajput cultural. Mysore is well known for it’s sandalwood craft, silk sarees, stone carving, wood carving, ivory carving and many more.

Mysore Handicraft

Channapatna, a near by city to Mysore is world famous for it’s wooden craft and amazing handcrafted wooden toys which are exported world wide. Channapatna toys and other wooden craft items are in huge demands throughout the world.

  1. Thiruvananthapuram – Kerala

Thiruvananthapuram has a very rich history of art and craft. It has beautiful British Colonial architecture and many art galleries. Thiruvananthapuram is one of the main tourist destination in Kerala and has beautiful temples. Beaches, backwater and many more.

Thiruvananthapuram Craft

Famous crafts from Thiruvananthapuram are bell metal craft, coir and cane products, ivory work, sandalwood carving, textiles, wooden carving, kathakali masks and many more.

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