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Rajasthan is very well known as the land of kings. This massive state of India is one of the best tourist attractions across the world due to it’s massive forts, vibrant colours and culture, beautiful craftwork and many other things. People from all over the world come to visit Rajasthan to explore it’s heritage and beautiful architecture. 


When someone listens Rajasthan, first thing which comes to mind is wide deserts but Rajasthan is not only about deserts, it also has beautiful green cities, mountains and hill station as well names Mount Abu. One thing which is common across Rajasthan is the vibrant colours, which makes this state very beautiful.  


Rajasthan is also famous for it’s tradition, culture and beautiful craft which can be found in every city or village of Rajasthan. When talking about handcrafted items from Rajasthan, it has a wide range of products which are famous and exported world wide.   


Blue Pottery Craft : 


The name 'blue pottery' comes from the eye-catching cobalt blue dye used to colour the pottery.  Jaipur, well known as Pink City the capital of Rajasthan is world famous for Blue Pottery Craft work. The Persian Art of blue pottery came to Jaipur from Persia and Afghanistan via Mughal Courts.  

Jaipur Blue Pottery craftsman craft amazing products like Blue Pottery Wall Décor Plates, Blue Pottery Mugs, Serving Bowls, Blue Pottery Coasters, Decorative craft Pieces, Animal Figures, Vases and many more beautiful craft pieces which do have huge demand in and out of India. This craft gives a unique and royal touch to interior and can be used as a perfect home décor collection. 


Marble Craft : 


Marble Art

Rajasthani is well known for it’s various type of stones specially marble, found in Kishangarh and other cities of Rajasthan. Rajasthani marble is widely used in interior work and also used to create beautiful handcrafted items like Lord Idols, Lamps, Pooja Thalis, Diyas, Serving Trays, Coasters, Animal Figures and many other decorative craft pieces. Marble craft can be a beautiful addition to everyone home interior or home decorative items. 


Wooden Craft : 

Rajasthani Wooden Craft

Handcrafted Wooden Chairs, Swings, Tables, Dinning Tables, Cupboards, Coasters, Toys, Wall Décor Items and many other craft are famous from Rajasthan. Rajasthani craftsman give a royal touch to these craft pieces by beautiful carvings and hand painting which reflects royal culture of Rajasthan.  


Rajasthani Puppets : 

 Rajasthani Puppet

Rajasthani Puppets show is one of the best attractions for tourists coming to Rajasthan. Puppet show in Rajasthan is an old tradition and has been part of main events from a long time. There are many artists and family who have taken this art form to next level and made famous world wide.   


Rajasthani Jewellery : 

Rajasthani Jewellery

Rajasthani people are very fond of jewellery, specially crafted in precious stones. Rajasthan is also famous for it’s handcrafted stone work done on jewellery called as Meenakari art work. Bangels made of Lac can be seen almost every where in Rajasthan, which are beautifully handcrafted in various colours, sizes and designs. Pink city Jaipur is a hub for precious stones. 


Handpainted Textiles : 

 Rajasthani Textile

Rajasthani dress materials have their own followers. As Rajasthani people love colours, one can find various colour combination in their dresses as well. Famous dress materials from Rajasthan are Bandhej, Lahariya, Block Printing, Doriya and others. All these type of dress materials are pretty famous throughout India as well as out side India.  


Carpets And Rugs : 

 Rajasthani Rugs

Jaipur Rugs or Carpet business is another famous craft from Rajasthan. Jaipuri rugs are famous for their designs, materials, durability and comfort. Jaipur is one of the best city in world to hind high quality handcrafted rugs. Unique themes and floral patterns provide the concept for these masterpieces. The carpets and rugs woven at Bokhara are among the finest in the world and are hand-knotted. 


Footwear :  

Rajasthani Jutiya

Jaipur, Jodhpur, Barmer, and Jaisalmer are famed for producing premium quality leather footwear known as Juttis and Mojaris. These Juttis or Mojaris are handcrafted and beautiful designs above them is also done by hands.  



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