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We make our home with great passion, love, emotions and put our hard earned money & efforts to make those four walls a place called Home Sweet Home. The way we look into each and every detail before buying or constructing a home, similarly we put efforts in finding right home decorative  items to make our home look more beautiful, stylish yet elegant.

Finding home décor items which are unique, matching with your home colours, designs and architecture can be difficult. Sometime we might find items which are matching with our requirement but are out of the budget or very common and sometime despite of having enough budget, we can’t find that right decorative item we have been looking for.

The wide range of Handcrafted home decorative items available across India, can be perfect matching and budget friendly decorative options. Every state of India has it’s on handicraft specialty be it Wooden Handicraft from Kashmir, Textile Handicraft in Gujarat, Terracotta From Assam, Marble Art From Rajasthan, Metal Art or Mosaic work From UP, Blue Pottery From Rajasthan, Wooden Toys Industry in Channapatna, Coconut Craft and Sandalwood Craft in South India and many more.

Various Handcrafted Home Decorative Available For Home Décor

Indian Handicrafts are full of vibrant colours, different designs, great quality and have touch to our traditions with beauty of modern style and requirement.

There are handicrafts available for every corner of your home, each and every room, garden, kitchen essentials, wall decorative, temples, table décor, living room or dinning room, doors, windows and every possible point in the home.

Home Decorative Collection

Wall Decorative Blue Pottery Plates: Walls are important part of our home and decorating them with something unique, traditional yet with modern designs and colours and something which gives royal touch to walls of your home then Blue Pottery Wall Decorative Plates are the best choice.

Blue Pottery Wall Decorative Plates

Blue Pottery is a famous art from Jaipur (Rajasthan), originated in Turkey - Persia get’s the “Blue Pottery” name because of Blue Dye used to colour the pottery. One can find Blue Pottery decorative items in most of the palaces and old heritage buildings around Rajasthan and other places.

Wall Decorative Paintings: Decorating walls with paintings has always been a common trend across the world. We always look for paintings with different patterns, designs, style, creativity which match with interior of our home. A new trend in this has been Digital Print Wall Frames in which a colourful painting is done digitally and framed on wood or mdd to provide the base. These wall frames are easy to hang on wall and looks amazing due various options available.

Metal Art : It’s an art in which scrap metals are transformed into stunning showpieces, religious idols, wall decorative art pieces, gifting options and many others. Metal art artists creates beautiful handcraft pieces in different designs and shapes and then colour them as per the theme of the product.

Metal Wall Hanging For Home Decorative

Marble Art : Marble is considered one of the precious and beautiful stones and often used in home for flooring or on walls to increase the beauty of it. Marble sculptures and idols looks beautiful and gives a beautiful touch to interior of our home. Rajasthani craftsman are famous for their craftwork on this beautiful stone and turn it into amazing decorative pieces, idols, sculptures and many more.

Marble Art For Home Decoration

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