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Walls are the integral part of every interior design project or home décor discussion. Nobody likes to look at the blank walls, and that is the reason for wall art and wall decoration process to be an integral part of decorating our home.

We choose different colours and shades for different walls in our home be it living room, dinning room, bedroom, prayer room, kitchen or study room. Every room of the house has a different purpose, so decorating every room with similar kind of items or colouring them with similar paint is not ideal. There are plenty of ways to decorate each wall as per the theme or purpose of that particular room.

Wall Decorative Blue Pottery Plates:

Blue Pottery is a traditional art originated from Turkey and Persia and brought to India by Mughals. Now the famous Jaipur City or well known as the Pink City from Rajasthan has become the hub for blue pottery art. One can find amazing handcrafted items for home décor and gifting at Blue Pottery factories or showroom which includes wall décor plates, lamps, bowls, kitchen accessories, bathroom essentials, show pieces, flower vases and many more to name.

Blue Pottery Wall Decorative Plates

Wall Decorative Blue Pottery Plates are very famous and used to give unique, royal touch to walls. These plates were used to decorate royal palaces, big halls, hotels and many more historical places. These wall decorative plates are handcrafted, handprinted with eye catching colour combinations and designs.

Wall Decorative Metal Art:

Metal Art work is something where a skilled craftsman turns iron, bronze, copper, silver, gold or other metals into precious, beautiful craft pieces to either decorate home, gift to loved ones, or in jewellery forms.

Wall Decorative Metal Art

Mostly the metal like iron, copper or bronze are used to craft into amazing designs, patterns to be used for home decoration. These metals arts are mainly used for Wall Decoration and gives a eye catching amazing look to walls of our homes.

Paintings For Wall Décor:

Decorating walls with paintings has been the most common way of wall decoration from a long time. People do buy expensive paintings from great artists and decorate their walls or for someone who don’t wish to spend but still wants a beautiful touch to walls of their home goes for other wall decorative paintings option. One of such option is Digital Printed Wall Frames, which is basically laser printing on canvas and framed with wood or MDF at the back.

Wall Decorative Digital Print Wall Frames

Digital Print Wall Frames comes in different shapes, designs and patterns with some stunning photos printed and amazing colour combination. These frames can match with every wall colour and we can easily find suitable painting for every room or every wall of the home.

Art Effects on The Wall:

Graffiti or Drawings on the wall using colour has also become quite popular these days. People use their creativity to create amazing drawings on the wall and paint them using beautiful colour combinations to match with wall colour or other decorative articles in the room. This is one of the way to let your creative side come out and showcase to people.

Wall Art Decorative

Wall Shelfs To Place Different Showpieces:

Having wall shelfs on the wall give enough space to decorate. We can use them for decorate with various show pieces, idols, figurines, lamps or lanterns or just use them as Book Shelf. These shelf can be customized as per the available space, colour of the wall and latest patterns. Usually Wooden or Ply shelf are preferred to place on the wall but now a days shelfs are available in different metals as well.

Wall Decorative Shelf Ideas

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